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Discussion in 'Italy' started by chelle24, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. chelle24

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    Hi there. I am getting married in Rome this September and we have chosen to have our honeymoon in Italy. We are looking at spending a couple of days in Florence and maybe then heading to the Amalfi Coast for a week. Can anyone recommend any nice but reasonable hotels in either of these places? Also, does anyone know the best way to travel from Rome to Florence and then onto the Amalfi Coast?

    All help welcomed!

  2. goldrake75

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    From Rome to Florence?
    the best way is by train
    From Tiburtina or Termini Station (in the center of Rome) to Santa Maria Novella Station, in the very center of Florence in a couple of hours, maybe 3

    Visit Trenitalia.it for more info
  3. spycegirl

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    I have tours on the Amalfi Coast that are targeted towards honeymoon couples. We have a 6 day 7 night tour or else we offer day excursions via boat which are very relaxing.
    Please visit my site at amalfivacations.com
    Definitly an amazing place to spend your honeymoon!
    As far as getting from Rome to Florence, you can probabaly get a very cheap flight on Alitalia or else you can take a train. The train is usually very fast if you take a Eurostar train and will cost you very little. Check out treinitalia.com for train schedules. From Florence again taking a flight into Naples or a train into Naples is your best bet. From Naples you will then want to get a taxi which will run you about 110 Euro.
    If you do book our 6 day 7 night package we will include a private deluxe transfer from Naples.
    Please contact me at amalfivacations@yahoo.com
    Hope to hear from you soon, and hope the information helped. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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