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Discussion in 'Thailand' started by GearsatWar2, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. GearsatWar2

    GearsatWar2 New Member

    My wife and I are looking for a romantic and adventurous honeymoon in Thailand. Could you please advice on suitable places and what kind of things we could enjoy?

    many thanks
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi there,

    If you are looking for a combination of romance and adventure, a Phuket honeymoon could be the perfect bet for you guys.

    The island is easily accessible by an international airport and is famous for its water activities and luxurious hotels, and spas.

    Overall, I would say that, honeymoons in Thailand are mainly centered on the beach where you can enjoy exciting activities such as snorkeling and boating or simply relaxing by the beach.
  3. chickita

    chickita New Member

    I agree, PHuket is the new honeymoon hotspot. I just moved here and have seen lots of wedding/honeymoon things going on... it's got lots to do and many beach options w/privacy + relaxation. There are some small islands around that you can go to on daytrips or stay on a resort there- smaller and more exclusive. I've heard of a place called honeymoon island, or hotels on koh racha, and koh lanta- supposed to be lovely...

    If I think of anything else- i'll let you know!
  4. danviettravel

    danviettravel New Member

    Phukhet is a right choice! It is a very nice place and suitable for relaxing!
  5. jensysmith

    jensysmith New Member

    Phukhet is the right choice! and You can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon trip
  6. seopak

    seopak New Member

    hello dear i personally visit Phuket i am very impress and enjoy my honemoon holiday its my suggestion to you .you visit Phuket and i hope you enjoy you honeymoon holiday thanks
  7. Elle

    Elle New Member

    I would have my honeymoon in Krabi, its more reasonable priced than phuket. In Krabi there all same activities than phuket, 10min with longtail can find very beautiful beaches. Best part its not so over crowded than Phuket, and people don't try ripoff tourist there so much than in Phuket.
  8. 80daysworld

    80daysworld New Member

    where to honeymoon in Thailand

    gotta agree with the other posters...Phuket is lovely place to get married and you will find it not too crowded in Nov or Dec. You just need to keep away from Patong & Karon if you want a more peaceful honeymoon. Koh Samui is lovely also, but it may be a bit wet there around Nov/Dec. Generally, the monsoon season ends in early Nov in Phuket & when it is not raining in Phuket it is raining in Samui.
  9. TBH Thailand

    TBH Thailand New Member

    The fact is, it does not really matter where in Thailand you go, it is all perfect for a honeymoon. Thailand in general is great for a romantic stay. Phuket would be great, but I woud have to agree with Elle, Krabi would be my first choice. It is the most scenic area in the south of Thailand and has a more romantic feel to it. Why not combine Krabi and Phuket, you could go from one to the other by boat, car or plane. The adventures to experience in Krabi are numerous. Go travel around Phang Nga Bay, visit the Hong Islands, stay a night or two on Railay Beach, the most unique and beautiful I have ever seen anywhere in the world. Take a day trip from Krabi to Phi Phi and go snorkel in Maya Bay, see The Crystal Lagoon which is fed by a spring. Visit Huay To waterfall with its eleven levels, cool off in the pools and have a picnic. Krabi is fantastic. I would visit both Krabi and Phuket and get the best of both worlds.
  10. warut21

    warut21 New Member

    I think phuket is suite for honeymoon trip, There you can enjoy adventure activies such as water sport, elephant trekking, scuba diving etc.. while you can stay in the romantic luxuary hotel or resort which has many relax service such as spa and massage

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