Honeymoon trip suggestions?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by salvio, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. salvio

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    Hey guys,
    Me and my love are getting married next week. I'm so excited and very happy that we are finally getting married. I have hurt her a lot by not spending enough time with her. I really wanted to give her a surprise. I planned for a surprise honeymoon for her but I don't know where to go and what to do, to make her feel special. My friend is too getting married next week and he's too planning for a honeymoon trip. So we decided to go together and surprise our wives. Our boss suggested us, Algonquin Park. He also recommended Algonquin Park Lodge | Algonquin Park Pine Cabins, Accommodation - Killarney Lodge, Ontario for the stay. He said that it is a good ambience to go as he has gone with his wife. But we have no much idea on this place and we are not that sure as to whether this place would be apt for honeymoon or not. Could anyone please help us with more details about this place?
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  2. mitraveler

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    Hello Salvio! Congratulations!

    I was just talking this morning about vacations to Ontario. I've been several times to the province, and I love it! It's a huge place, so you have Great Lakes, rural towns, and huge cities. It looks like the lodge is in the wilderness, but not too far from Barrie. The 401 leads to Niagara Falls (I think), and that's a great place to visit for a day or two and rather traditional honeymoon place. The 401 goes to Toronto (I think. It's been awhile since I've driven in Ontario.) Barrie is just over an hour's drive from Toronto, and it's really pretty. In Barrie, there's lots of hiking and playing in and along Kempenfelt Bay. There's brewery tours, downtown shopping, and the Spirit Catcher statue that is really cool. The park is further north and looks just gorgeous. In Bracebridge, like 30 km from the park, has Santa's Village, an amusement park with ziplines, go carts, and rides. Y'all and your lovely brides will have plenty to do. Especially when you think about how much is within an hour or two of Algonquin Park.
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    I was traveling quite a while. I knew that after I give birth I wouldn't be able to do this that much or maybe at all. I got a mileage app and I spent 5686 miles on the road. That was pretty thrilling. So I'd say go a little around the country
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    Thanks for the suggestion mitraveler. I will be spending my honey moon in Canada as my fiance has family and friends in Ontario.

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