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    We recently rented a property in Mosier through Hood River Vacation Rentals to spend a week with the family of 10, do some windsurfing, biking, and kiting. Overall its was a wonderful experience but when your spending $300 per night for a property you have certain expectations. Responsive customer service should be first and foremost. The company seems to operate many rentals in town so I'm not sure about avoiding them for future rentals.

    The Good
    -Great views of the Columbia River.
    -House was big! could fit 14 people so 10 could really spread out.
    -Lots of TV's. There was a tv in I think each room.
    -Ping Pong

    Our constructive comments:
    Hot water is dangerously scalding hot. Had two young kids in house not good..

    Sugar ant infestation in the kitchen. Our second morning we had hundreds of ants in the kitchen when we woke up. bleached entire kitchen, floors, surfaces, etc. Comment from customer service; we at hood river are eco friendly implying that me using bleach was a bad thing. Two gallon containers of bleach were in laundry area so the owners must not think so. Seemed to be ongoing issue as they had little ants traps throughout kitchen and in pantry.

    2nd night 7pm all ready to barbecue for 10 people. Start barbecue and it lasted 5 minutes. Called customer service and all numbers lead back to person who has voicemail "I'm on vacation until Friday" Ok what Friday? its only Monday. By then we scrambled to find place to sell propane. By 9:30pm were back and cooking with many tired cranky people. Customer service called and left message later and said we will get you propane tomorrow. Didn't arrive and finally called them to tell them I filled it. They reimbursed us for cost, buzzkill on our great barbecue!

    Not big TV watchers but when we tried. TV in master bed missing power cable to direct TV box.
    TV in living room missing batteries

    Oven quit working on last night of trip? or user error. Never did figure out which.

    Light sleeper? if you are the constant road noise and trains will bother you if windows are open. This is a issue in Hood River if your near the water if you care about noise don't pick a property low and near water as the rail tracks parallel the Columbia river.

    Hood River is a awesome place to visit and we would highly recommend!

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    $300 per night is sure a lot but how did you guys fit 10 people in your vacation home? I have been to hood river before but stayed in an rv park instead (i think it was the lost lake resort we camped at). Driving thru the fruit loop was really cool...specially stopping at the u-pick farms.
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    Funny you mention about the train noise...the noise can really travel up and further the town of Hood River. Luckily, the train noise isn't heard all the time but if I were you I would bring a couple pairs of earplugs with you when staying here.
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    We rented a 3 bed, 3 bath, one bedroom had four double bunk beds. Plus there was a downstairs with a pull out bed. Lots of space. I never did hear back from Hood River Vacation Rentals after we expressed our concerns. I guess they are not interested in building long term repeat business. If anyone else has names of vacations rentals companies they trust I'd like to hear them. We are leaving for Hood River again tomorrow and only need a one bedroom so we'll just be staying at the Hood River Hotel.

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