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  1. Morning_Star

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    we're planning on spending several weeks trekking through the country side, and I need to know whether hostels in Nepal are located in one particular area of the country? any ideas>?
  2. Danny

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    Nepal is a great place for hostelling! Hostels in Nepal are located all across the country, including the capital city of Kathmandu.

    Outside of Kathmandu, Nepal hostels are located in some of the smaller cities and top rural tourism sites such as the town of Pokhara, one of the best places to trek in Nepal.

    The town of Pokhara offers several choices for budget accommodations besides hostels, including small hotels and guesthouses.
  3. Goodnestone

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    I'm wondering that you didn't talked about a specific area for the outing and entertainment. I mean I wanna know that either you are going to the hill stations or somewhere else. I can help you a bit.
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