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Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Destinee Hobbs, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Destinee Hobbs

    Destinee Hobbs New Member

    Has anyone here booked a room/flat from AirBnB? A backpacker friend of mine's been booking stays via this site and he's literally had a lot of great stories to tell. Got some good ones?
  2. RinaC

    RinaC New Member

    I booked apartments in Barcelona, not on but on, and i was very lucky with my host. I was late to my train and my host gave me a lift :) I'm very grateful to him!
  3. Anto544

    Anto544 New Member

    Airbnb is a trustworthy ite to book a room. You can compare and see the prices.

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