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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Vicolette, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    If you're looking for a unique hotel experience, consider making reservations at the dazzling Hotel de Glace in Quebec. The crystal hotel is a wonderland of ice sculptures and extraordinary accommodations. The hotel opens for the season on January 5, 2013 through March 24, 2013. Take a look here.
  2. JordiCruz

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    sleep in a freezer

    I heard people raving about this place, but is it anything like the ice hotel in Copenhagen? I visited the ice hotel during a backpacking trip to Denmark and it was no doubt worth the visit. Never spent the night in a room but sitting at the ice bar was really cool. Honestly, it's such a weird experience seeing everything made of ice but would you really spend money to sleep in a freezer?lol
  3. OrangeWorld

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    Hotel de Glace vs Ice Hotel

    the Hotel de Glace is kind similar to the Ice Hotel, though if you've been to the Ice Hotel before you will be disappointed with the Hotel de Glace because of the size. Other than that, it's an awesome experience being at the Hotel de Glace since everything in this place is literally ice cold. Definitely worth the visit;)
  4. fireproof66

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    Expect to be cold

    the hotel is great to look at but i wouldn't bother going out of your way to see it or stay in it. Dont get me wrong, the Glace hotel is beautiful but rooms are very basic and for what you pay for it's quite expensive. Remember, you will be sleeping in sleeping bags so if you hate being cold, you will most likely hate the experience.
  5. theexplorateur

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    If you wanna see something unique or experience something new then it must be your choice. It's a magical world that stands tall only from January - March each year, where snow and ice are transformed into fabulous sculptures.
  6. Vicolette

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    I'd definitely like to make the trip and stay at the hotel. The ice sculptures are beautiful and the glow from the fireplace adds the perfect touch. Through December 31, they're offering a special promo price. The Ultimate Getaway package seems like a great way to experience the hotel and Quebec Coty.

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