Hotel Energy Consumption

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Kelsey Ledford, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Kelsey Ledford

    Kelsey Ledford New Member

    I work in the field of hotel management and as the operations manager we are continuously finding ways on how to save energy. We have metered our consumption, replaced ineffective tools, upgraded the insulation but I believe we can do so much more. I just want to try and see if someone here is in the similar situation and can be able to give tips on how to manage our energy consumption.
  2. Destinee Hobbs

    Destinee Hobbs New Member

    Its so important to save as much energy as possible, and be as eco friendly as you can especially when it comes to the energy used. Saving money is also important, you want the best price for your energy as possible. Having a Thermostat with a built in occupancy sensor not only helps reduce heating and cooling energy but ensures the guests comfort is not compromised.
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  3. Kelsey Ledford

    Kelsey Ledford New Member

    That's true. Right now, we're considering hiring Ecova for their energy management solutions but the big bosses need to approve of it first. Do you know of continuous monitoring?

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