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Discussion in 'Macau' started by mrjones, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Hi there, my mum and dad will be Macau in late August from Hong Kong and their plan is staying there for 2 nights and do the sight seeing and shopping. Can anyone help on the following:

    1. Which is the best hotel to stay for 2 nights, whether in Taipa or Macau Peninsula area?

    2. Both these places are close to each other?

    3. Where is Senado Square located? is it nearby so that we can visit this too.

    But please suggest a buget hotel in Macau. thanks in advance.
  2. Andrew

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    Macau is just an hour from Hong Kong, so your parents don't get tired in their journey. There are many fight deals with lowest airfares available and China flights page will help you get better deals.

    Taipa or Macau Peninsula are two among 3 sections of Macau and the third one is Coloane. Taipa is just 2.5 kilometres from Macau Peninsula, so you can stay in any one of the hotels in Taipa. Hyatt Regency, Best Western hotel Taipa Macau and crown towers are some of the popular Macau hotels , so just book online in one among them. The Senado Square is located in the centre of Macau and around the square, you can visit the Church of St.Dominic and the ruins of St. Paul's.

    The Na Tcha temple, Museum of Macau, Mount Fortress, Temple of A-Ma and Macau casinos are some of the interesting places to visit during your Macau trip.

    Hope this helps!

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