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Discussion in 'Poland' started by smiths45, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. smiths45

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    hi, we 4 friends are going to Poland in October and planning to be in Zakopane for 4-5 nights. we are in mid 20's and running on a budget and do not want to spend more money for hotels. Can anyone recommend budget hostels/ cheap hotels in Zakopane. Thanx a lot for any help you would provide.
  2. Andrew

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    Many of the hotels in Zakopane are currently offering deals and discounts for budget accommodations. so your friends can find one of them easily and save more money through online booking. Find the cheapest hotels in Zakopane hotels page, get more details and make bookings.

    Zakopane is very popular destination for mountain hiking and skiing. You said that your friends are in mid 20's, so definitely this city is a paradise for them to enjoy. This city always has perfect weather for skiing, snowboarding and other snow activities, so hope they will enjoy more.
  3. theluxury

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    there are also many houses for rent, more cheap and you will feel mroe in the heart of zakpane, there are many also in the full center of main street
  4. IvanSweden

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    if you are on a tight budget, don't look for any hotel. go for rooms to rent. there are zounds of them in every street. From what I know, Zakopane has only 30,000 inhabitants, but can accommodate over 150,000 tourists !
  5. bibimbap22

    bibimbap22 New Member

    Hostels are what's best! the Hostel World website will recommend some to you, a few friends and I stayed in a hostel in Zakopane called the "Stara Polana" and were impressed not only by the English speaking staff but it's beautiful wooden construction and proximity to the 'centrum' or downtown

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