Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by sandra, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. sandra

    sandra New Member

    We are going to Vegas next month (April).our hotel choices are Bally's.Flamingo or the Monte Carlo..any suggestions
  2. jrc

    jrc New Member

    I think Flamingo has the best location (of course, depending on what you're into) but Monte Carlo had some nice rooms (though it was a little loud for my tastes). I've never been to Bally's but I've heard pretty ambivalent things about it.

    I'll place a vote for Monte Carlo.
  3. JackR

    JackR New Member

    Hi Sandra,

    I'd say of the three choices you mentioned Monte Carlo is your best value and nicest property. Ballys and the Trop are pretty old. Trop not in ideal location and Monte Carlo is in a nice spot for visiting several nearby casinos.

    Hey JRC nice link your posted!
    It looks like special promotion with spa and buffet deal.
  4. joe

    joe Guest

    Yeah, Flamingo has good location but I wouldn't say the Monte Carlo has "bad" location. I'd say they're about even-steven in that regard, but I think the Monte Carlo has better rooms. Never been to Bally's.
  5. JackR

    JackR New Member

    Hey Joe,

    I meant to say I prefer Monte Carlo's location over the Trop and Ballys. Sorry if was unclear... Anyway all three are good. For less than $10 you can get a cab ride across the street.
  6. joe

    joe Guest

    Oh I was just responding to jrc's mention that the Flamingo has the best location. That may be true based on opinion and what exactly you want around you, but the difference is probably negligible. Basically yeah, all three are in prime locations.
  7. joysoul

    joysoul New Member

    We are going in April 2008 and we have booked into the Flamingo. They have these rooms that are all refurnished with all new stuff and big screen TV's, even one in the bathroom ... they are called the "GO" rooms. We did a lot of research and this seemed to be the one for us. It is our first time to go to Vegas so we really won't know until we get there. I'll post how it went after we return. Has anyone out there ever stayed in a "GO" room at the Flamingo?

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