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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by oneoldone, Aug 10, 2008.

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    I am planning on taking a trip to Pennsylvania with my family.Anyone know any of the good hotel near Love Park, we will in this area for 2 days and hoping in late September. Suggest a place to stay and things to do in love park,thanks.
  2. Lynnie81

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    Love Park is right in the heart of Philadelphia. If you look at the section on Philadelphia Hotels you should find something to suit your needs. There are a few suggestions of places to stay but i think the Holiday Inn City Line sounds like it may suit you. It is both reasonable priced and within walking distance to the main attractions in Philadelphia.

    For more ideas on places to visit on your trip you should check out the things to do section.
  3. wanderer

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    When you're wondering where to stay near Love Park Philadelphia, you have many choices. As Lynnie mentioned, Love Park is right in the heart of town. Philadelphia is a big city, but it's not huge in area, so you'll find it quite compact. It was built before the days of the Interstate, of course. Many great Philly hotels are close to Love Park.

    It looks like there's a mix of familiar brands and bed-and-breakfast inns here, including a Sheraton, Courtyard, and Embassy Suites. So you should have no trouble finding the perfect room or a good deal.
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    Lynnie and wanderer are correct, there are lots of choices where to stay near Love Park such as Hotel Palomar Philadelphia and Hilton Garden Inn.
    It just really depends on your budget and preference.

    Try to find out the best deal. It is easy to compare.

    I believe Hilton Garden Inn can offer as low as $129 while Hotel Palomar is around $164.

    Hope this helps!

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