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  1. felipamora

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    does anyone think there is much of a difference between a hotel and a motel. I always though of motels as dingy places where people bring street girls, though I guess the same could be said for a hotel..anyway what are the main differences?
  2. kollghu

    kollghu New Member

    I agree that motels don't have a very good reputation but that's how many of them are portrayed in movies. The good thing about most motels is that you often can park right outside your room where most hotels dont even provide a parking.

    Interesting enough, many motels do have lobbies and restaurants like a hotel would...even room service and pools which is standard feature. I don't think most hotels can say they boast a pool.

    Overall, I think it all depends on the location...Im pretty sure motels or hotels by the roadside in the middle of no where would attract the dodgy clientele you're referring.
  3. flybeon23

    flybeon23 New Member

    There are big differences between a hotel and a motel such as a motel is normally located on highways and are designed for mostly for truckers and people who driving on long journeys throughout the night. In a way, a motel is like Holiday Inn. In england, we dont have motels but Holiday Inns and travel lodges which serve the same purpose as and cheerful!:)
  4. villassun

    villassun New Member

    hotels and motels serve the same purpose

    hotels and motels serve the same purpose in my opinion. Motels are basically roadside hotels for motorists looking to spend the night, while are meant for travelers looking for a longer stay.

    Hotels not only provide accommodation, but also meals, and other services for travelers and tourists such as spa treatments and casinos.

    Of course, you could stay in a motel for a longer period than just one night, but it wouldn't be practical since motels don't offer restaurants, bars, swimming pools, or gyms.
  5. ori6n3

    ori6n3 New Member

    difference between hotel and motel

    I agree that motels have a dingy rep, but I guess that depends where it is located. As far as I know, there is technically no difference between a hotel and motel.

    However, some people would say that the difference between a hotel and motel is simply that a traveler can enter the room of a motel from the parking lot whereas a guest of a hotel must enter the room from an indoor corridor.
  6. stevenyoung

    stevenyoung New Member

    Hotels generally have restaurants and room sevice for food. In motels, room service may or may not be there. Sometimes, Kitchens may be offered to prepare food in motels.
  7. feron4

    feron4 New Member

    motels are cheap and cheerful

    Motels are cheap and cheerful and don't have all the amenities found at a hotel, though for a night of passion or a night on the road, you will find that a motel will give you easy access, reasonable rates, and a less complicated experience than in a hotel.

    I love motels for a night’s sleep as I travel through the country’s less traveled roads so stopping at a motel is the way to go for me.
  8. lovacK

    lovacK New Member

    hotels and motels are NOT the same!

    dont know why people find it hard to distinguish between a hotel and motel, and saying there are the same...they are NOT the same people! I cant stand people referring to hotels as motels. The big difference is that you can rent the rooms in a motel by the hour... that's the reason motels have such a bad reputation because who rents a room by the hour? hint;)hint

  9. samantha83

    samantha83 New Member

    I have actually never thought much of this question, and well I decided to Google it. I have always assumed that motels or the word motels was a word that was used a long time ago, and has therefore change from motels to hotels. So apparently there is no difference, the term motel was derived from the term motor hotel which meant the hotel provided parked (in the 1950’s). But if you use this term in today’s context you will find it is used for a hotel that has limited service whereby it is a hotel that provides limited facilities and does not provide food services.
  10. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I agree with Samantha. This reminds me of another time...when motor hotels were found by the highway and had good parking. But today, everything is close to a highway and has parking. I don't think the distinction matters one bit anymore.
  11. powernick

    powernick New Member

    i m fully agree with lovacK, who will rents a room by the hour :p
  12. allenparker

    allenparker New Member

    Motel - Motor Hotel. Motels will be situated on the sides of the highways. They are horizontal, you can drive close to the entrance to your room. Motels are cheaper than the hotel.
  13. milfordplaza

    milfordplaza New Member

    Resorts are inexpensive and pleasant and don't have all the conveniences discovered at a resort, though for a nights enthusiasm or a evening on the street, you will find that a hotel will give you comfortable accessibility, affordable charges, and a less challenging encounter than in a resort.
  14. envoy2050

    envoy2050 New Member

    Actually dear A Hotel is usually many stories, has a large common lobby, and services such as food, room service, and such. Motels are a term meaning Motor-hotels. Or hotels for motorists. Motels are single level usually, and you can drive up, or close to, the entrance to your room.
  15. neha12

    neha12 New Member

    Both are good in their own sense ..But if one wish to choose for the best then they should definitely go for a luxurious hotel.
  16. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I've stayed in motels, hotels, resorts, and cabins. Have not stayed in a bed and breakfast but that's on the list to do. For me, it depends on the length of the stay. For overnight accommodations while on a long expanse of road, a motel has never let me down. Many have an onsite restaurant, pool, even laundry facilities. Hotels and resorts are for longer stays although there's no reason not to stay in a motel if it's located in a small town. Down that, too. Everything needed was at hand and the prices were less expensive. For remote vacations in the mountains, give me a cabin anytime.
  17. kellys

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    The main difference a hotel and motel is -
    and many more factors like this

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