How bad is volcanic ashes?

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by jfieru4, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. jfieru4

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    hello, i wanted to get your thoughts people on the current volcanic eruption in the patagonia region...How bad is it in Argentina? and does anyone have a first hand experience of living under ash clouds?
  2. Ruby

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    I do have first time experience as a kid. A couple decades ago there was a similar situation with Mt. St. Hellens in Washington State. I actually lived not far from it, and I remember the ash fall from the volcano made a mess of our lives for a while.

    I've been reading that the situation in Argentina is very bad indeed, though I don't even want imagine what the Chileans are going through since there are power cuts in the area and people don't have breathing sets.

    I also learnt that the ashes have already reached Buenos Aires, so domestic and international flights have been disrupted.

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