how difficult is it to get around Norway

Discussion in 'Norway' started by mcoffee, May 20, 2011.

  1. mcoffee

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    we are planning on doing a Scandinavian trip this summer, and Norway just seems to call out to me!

    We have gone on a couple of cruises in the past, and are considering doing a Scandinavian cruise. We like the option of being on a boat that can bring us to many different places in Norway.

    If we skip the cruise, how difficult is it to get around Norway via public transportation?

    By the way, we are in our mid 20's and aren't looking for glitz and glamour- just seeking culture and new experiences!
  2. Ruby

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    Good thing that you aren't looking for glitz and glamor cos you won't find much of it in Norway! Back to the question, public transportation is great, but in rural areas transport services are not frequent, which is why I would suggest renting a car (be sure to get a compact, front-wheel drive car).

    The scenic roads in the fjords and mountains are often windy and narrow, but the traffic is moderate and driving is so much fun on this part of the world!

    By the way, exploring the fjords on one of the ferry tours is a great experience as this ferries include commentary over loudspeakers to point out interesting sights.
  3. Elle

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    Take lots of money with you, its really expensive place have holiday. We ended to go packing fishes in factory, to get back in the budget.. :)

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