how does Victoria Falls compares?

Discussion in 'Zimbabwe' started by 9ijko3, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. 9ijko3

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    I have about 10 days total in Africa, and I plan on going to Capetown and Kruger park for an African safari. Is Victoria falls worthwhile?
  2. Danny

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    If you've been to the Niagara Falls, the Victoria Falls are basically as stunning. I've been to the Igauzzu Falls and Niagara Falls and I have to say I prefer Victoria Falls more.

    Victoria Falls are one of the top sights in Africa, that said if I had only 10 days to spend on a first trip to South Africa, I would devote them to Cape Town and the Kruger National Park, otherwise, you'll be pushed for time in my opinion.

    Having said that, if you do want to spend time at Victoria Falls, the Zambian side is much better than Zimbabwe. Also, not sure when you're going but do try to schedule your visit between February and April as this is when the river is in full spate.
  3. maxjhon12

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    A wonderful holiday in Zimbabwe can’t get complete until you visit the world famous Victoria Falls which gives double enjoyment when you take a complete tour of the falls by a helicopter flying which is also famed as “flight of the angelsâ€. You will be astounded to see the giant falls with the loud thunder of water making you absolutely dumbfound. White water rafting at Zambezi River is really admiring which is on the water coming from Victoria Falls and the adventure lovers will have great time there with the exhilarating rafting on the river.
  4. KurstinKudichi

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    the Grand Canyon of Africa

    Victoria Falls are like the Grand Canyon of Africa so yes, it's more than worth seeing it! However, you will be pushed for time and 10 days in Africa won't be enough if you plan to visit South Africa and Zimbabwe. Honestly, if I had only 10 days to spend on a first trip to South Africa, I would stick to Cape Town and Kruger National Park, and leave Victoria Falls for another trip.
  5. travfest

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    which is the best side to see victoria falls

    I agree Victoria Falls are simply breathtaking. Just like the Niagara Falls and the Iguazzu Falls, Victorial Falls are stunning and can be seen from two countries. Either Zambia or Zimbabwe's side are great. However, I think the best side to see Victoria falls is still Zimbabwe because the town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is just a mile away from the park, which means you can easily walk there with ease.

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