How far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

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    A lot of people visiting Las Vegas plan to include the Grand Canyon in that trip, and really, it's a really great option if you have the time to do it. Driving the distance without stops and rests in the middle will take around 5 hours, and if you're like me, you'll want to make those precious stops, not just to rest, but to really enjoy the experience of the journey, because that's more than half of the best of everything on the trip. Once you've reached your destination and enjoyed that breathtaking view, well, the climax is complete. Anyway, like I was saying, when done properly, with rests and stops, it should be an all day drive to reach the Grand Canyon.

    Besides making your own program for the trip, there are tons of tours being offered, which include transportation from your hotel or a specified location on the Strip. One of my favorites is the train tour with an overnight experience on the train. You'll take a bus coach from the Strip to Williams, Arizona, and from there, the train tour, with everything you need included. Other tours include plane and helicopter tours, bus tours, rafting, hiking, camping, off-road/safari tours, and other cool things, like gold mining and horseback riding. Do your research and really enjoy the whole journey!
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    day trip to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

    You can definitely do a day trip to the Grand Canyon while in Vegas since it's just 4 hours away by car. The route to take is highway 93 south from Las Vegas to Interstate 40 east to highway 64, which takes you right over Hoover Dam.

    If you're going to the GC by yourself, I suggest visiting first the Grand Canyon Village to get oriented with the National Park. By the way, my favorite drive in GC is the East Rim drive as it takes you past Yaki point, Grandview Point and gets you to the Tusayan Ruin Museum.
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    Agreed about 4hrs. We went to Williams, AZ for the Polar express for the kids and then drove about another 30 min from our hotel there to see the Grand Canyon. It is absolutely beautiful. One of nature's masterpieces.
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    That sounds very cool. I've never taken a helicopter ride, but the more I read about them on here, the more I want to. Is it really loud? And a train ride is always cool too! Isn't the Grand Canyon just great?
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    You can also go to the western Grand Canyon that is on the Hualapai Indian reservation. They have a big tourist center there and a "Sky Bridge" attraction. It's only about 2 hours from Vegas.
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    When I went I used a company and they got me a pick up and drop off from my hotel (The Cosmo) and went to Grand Canyon by helicopter. When we arrived even got free champagne and nibbles. Took about 4 hours... Was well worth it, the views were incredible and the price we paid was the cheapest around ;)

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