how far niagara falls from new york city

Discussion in 'New York' started by C'monBal, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. C'monBal

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    Niagara falls is around 300 miles from new york city. You can get to niagara falls from the city with just about every mode of transport, though train is easily the coolest way as you get to ride alongside the Hudson River, the old Erie Canal. Saying this, I wouldn't take the train both ways as it's a long haul with delays at the US-Canada border. Best you fly on the way back;)
  2. MartinaTopley

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    yes, train is great. The drive to Niagara falls is mostly dull and boring and not worth it unless you're really into road tripping. Flying is just $100RT and well worth it to avoid the hassle of driving, petrol, etc. i think the price for the Amtrak train is about the same as flying.
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    I would totally recommend making the trip up to Niagara Falls. I also would recommend visiting Buffalo's Niagara Falls Park (I think it's a state park). It's a lot quieter than the Canadian side. You should see both, of course, but the Buffalo Park is a wonderful place to get pictures. Actually, there's a ton of great stuff in Buffalo that you might not expect. It has some great Frank Lloyd Wright houses, the little polar bear at the zoo, and some great food. It also has a nice art museum.

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