how long is from Toronto to Winnipeg

Discussion in 'Canada' started by De34ht7, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Winnipeg to Toronto is over 1200 miles covering amazing scenery. I have done Toronto to Winnipeg and viceversa several times by car, train, and plane. If you want to do a road trip, I suggest doing it in the summer, which will take you at least 3 days. The train ride is nice too and takes around 36 hours; while flying takes a little over 2 hours. Don't fly to Canada over the Christmas period because it's a hassle, and the fares at that time will be high.
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    I too agree the road trip between Toronto to Winnipeg is just'll be hitting many major cities along the way if you follow the Interstate 94 W route. London, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, etc. As you head west across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, be sure to stop by the Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising...plenty of cabin rentals in that area too;)
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    Train is the most fun way to get to Winnipeg and flying the easiest way. While I like hitting the road, I think driving or busing it to Winnipeg from Toronto isn't worth the time and energy. It takes about 30 hrs by bus and flying is quick...honestly, say yourself the bother of road tripping Toronto/Winnipeg.
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    Toronto to Winnipeg drive

    I lost count of the number of times I have driven Vancouver/Toronto, via Winnipeg (friends there) and it's true that much of the time you will be driving you will be looking at nothing but at prairie scenery..definitely take the route along Minneapolis and Chicago before ending up in Toronto to spice up your drive.

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