How long is the flight from Seattle to Hawaii

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Vicolette, Feb 14, 2012.

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    How long will it take to arrive on a non-stop flight when making the trip from Seattle to Hawaii? Is it better to take a day or an evening flight if flying with small children? If taking a day flight, what are some suggestions for entertaining the kids to help pass the time?
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    flying from Seattle to Hawaii

    a flight from seattle to Hawaii would take about 10 hours though it depends where you land...Seattle-Lihue flights take normally 6 hours, while a flight from Seattle to Honolulu takes about 51/2 hours.
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    Popular Airlines

    my advice to anyone traveling to Hawaii from Seattle is to book flights through Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Continental Airlines...these three are really great for flights from the West Coast of the US. I would definitely avoid United Airlines like the plague
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    I think you're allowed to use kid's games during the flight, so maybe you'd want to bring a long a Leapfrog or a portable DVD player. When you're not allowed to use electronics, books would work. I bet the other passengers would like to listen into the story. :)

    Hope the flight goes well.
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    Long flights aren't that fun, but you can't drive between the two...and think how boring a boat trip would be!
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    Flights to the Hawaiian Islands take 6 hours nonstop +/- 15 minutes depending on the island your going to. To get the best flight use the flight comparison tool.
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    Well unless you're traveling to Lanaii which has no nonstop service.

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