how much things cost in El salvador

Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by Torsewe, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I have been to El Salvador a few times and I can tell you that it is the perfect place to experience the great's the least touristy of the Central American countries but it's really a gem. To give you an idea of costs: accommodation ranges from $10 (for a hostel dorm room to $35 for a nice b&b hotel room that will come with air conditioning.

    Food and transportation is fairly inexpensive so for a nice meal out you're looking at $3-$4; while a taxi ride is usually around $6 (buses cost less than $10 per single journey).
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    I can tell you that El Salvador is cheaper than europe or america in terms of bus fares (are like 0.30 cents) and even taxis are so cheap (no more than $4 dollars). Clubbing is also great and so cheap (no more than $3 dollars which includes 1 free beer). Not sure about hotels since I stayed in apartments but accommodation seems pricey there. Then again, Colonia Escalon is the most expensive neighborhood in the city.
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    what i love about Panama and most Latin american countries is how cheap food is joke, tropical fruits and vegetables are so cheap that put the US to shame. It's impossible not to eat healthy in Panama. When I was renting a house there on vacation me and my friends paid $350 a month for a two bed...

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