how to get a Russian visa

Discussion in 'Russia' started by mcafy00, May 4, 2010.

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    hello everyone!

    I've been searching around for info on how to get a Russian visa and im getting mix reviews and info on how to do this. Some people say you have to be invited by a Russian citizen? is this true?
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    Hi there,

    Getting a Russian visa can be tricky. The Russian stipulation says you must be invited by a Russian citizen or company in order to enter the country. This is an essential step of the visa process and the part that most people don’t understand about visiting Russia.

    Even once you have the invitation, you must follow bureaucratic steps in order to leave the country without a problem. Within three days of arriving to Russia, visa holders must register with the consulate and this is the hard part.

    I would advise to hire a visa service to do the hard work, as these people are experts at obtaining Russia travel visas, and they can arrange for your visa in a day for an expensive fee or two weeks for a normal fee.

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