how to get from Beijing to Bangkok

Discussion in 'China' started by ori6n3, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. ori6n3

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    There are few ways of getting from Beijing to Bangkok. One of them is flying (via Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Air Asia or similar), which is also the most expensive way. It costs around $300. The cheaper option is on a sleeper train. The cheapest compartment class is the hard sleeper which costs around $150.
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    Actually, the train isn't cheapest. I've done this route via the sleeper and flying and flying is the least expensive way when all costs are figured in. Choose Sri Lankan Airlines over the other ones like Cathay or Air Asia. they're too expensive. Sri Lankan Airlines do nonstop flights from Beijing to Bangkok 3 times a week. Fares are normally around $200.

  3. itlokgreat

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    There is also the soft sleeper (bed) besides the hard sleeper (just seat). I took a soft sleeper between Xi'an and Beijing a couple of years ago and the difference in price is not that much. Other option you could try looking into is to get an overnight train from Beijing to Hong Kong and then fly out from there to Bangkok..

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