How to get the cheapest Flight

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    Here's some advice on how to book the cheapest flight:

    Buy airline tickets on Tuesday afternoon. The best time to buy a ticket after 3 p.m. on Tuesday. Most airlines publish their sales on Tuesday afternoon and tend to pull them by Thursday.

    - The cheapest day to fly domestic is Wednesday.

    - Tuesday and Saturday round out the top three cheapest days to fly.

    - Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly.

    - How far in advance to buy tickets? Get tickets before the cheapest seats sell out buy a month or two in advance.
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    There are basically three types of airfare websites:

    1. Aggregators (ex: Kayak) that check airfares for many different airlines. They do not charge a fee but instead rely on affiliate hotel deals and on-site advertising like Adsense to make their money. These are historically the best bets.

    2. Traditional booking engines (ex: Orbitz) that check multiple websites and take a small fee ~$6 in addition to the price of the flight. They process the sale on behalf of the airline and keep the fee.

    3. Airline’s own websites (ex: JetBlue). If you find a flight on booking engines, check the airline’s own site so see if you can get it for the same price minus the booking fee. The important subset of this are airlines who do not play nice and do not offer their fares up to aggregators (ex: Southwest). You have to check their sites individually.
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    To get the cheapest flights, you have to book the flights 3 or 4 months before your trip in my opinion

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