how to get to block island from nyc

Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by chengamoin, May 24, 2011.

  1. chengamoin

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    what options do i have for a carless trip from Manhattan to Block Island. is ferry the way to go? if so, anyone have thoughts on which route is faster/easier/more generally enjoyable?
  2. Ruby

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    You can either get the Amtrak to the New London ferry or the LIRR to the Montauk ferry, though not sure much about the last one.

    I can tell you though that if you plan to take the Amtrak to New London you will need to make sure the ferry schedule leaves enough time for the train to be a bit late. The reason I say this is because my friend who goes to college in Manhattan once cell phoned me from the Amtrak train that the train was going to be late and she thought she was going to miss the last ferry (the rest of us were already on Block Island).

    As it turned out, there were many passengers for the ferry and my friend who bolted from the train as soon as it pulled into the station was able to walk on the ferry as the very last passenger and so she was not stranded in New London overnight without a car.

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