how to get to Saugatuck from Chicago

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by blitterT, May 25, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get to Saugatuck via public transportation from Chicago. Or know where I can get some info? Have heard that it's a nice place to check out...would you recommend going there in summer? Thanks!
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    Saugatuck is definitely a nice place to visit in summer for the beaches and buggy rides. In fact, just about anywhere along the west coast of Michigan is worth the trip as the beaches are beautiful.

    Regarding how to get to Saugatuck from Chicago, Amtrak's Pere Marquette has a daily service from Chicago to Grand Rapids, though it doesn't stop in Saugatuck but it stops in Holland, which is only 12 miles away.

    If you know where you're going to stay in Saugatuck, I'm sure they'll help you arrange transportation from Holland. Once you're in Saugatuck, you won't need a vehicle in order to have a fun time.
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    getting to Saugatuck from Chicago

    A lot of the tour companies in the area run buses between Chicago and the attractions in southern Michigan, especially the wineries. It's about a 2.5 hour ride. If you could get a ride to Northern Indiana, which is about an hour away, you could take the South Shore train into the city. It's a whole lot cheaper than Amtrak, but you do have to get there. Michigan City, Indiana, is the closet stop to Saguatuck.

    I live a quick drive away...and I have to say Sagutuck is darling. It's packed with cute little shops (and not chains) along with winery tasting rooms and restaurants. Summertime is the best time to visit. The lake looks amazing...and most of the attractions are right on the water. There are even some lovely little gardens and a chain ferry to take one from one side of the Lake Michigan channel to the next. The restaurants are upscale but friendly and you could say the same about the local Center for the Arts. It hosts a green market all summer, as well indoor exhibits and plays all year. I love this little town!

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