How to get to the Petrified Forest of Puyango

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    The Petrified Forest of Puyango is located on the border of the provinces of El Oro and Loja. You can easily identify the entrance to the forest in the military control located on the bridge over the Puyango River, which divides the provinces mentioned. Best way to get there depends where you are based. If you're in Quito, you can catch a cooperative bus to Loja or to Machala Canton and from there catch a taxi or bus to Puyango.
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    This forest is's like some type of Jurassic forest out of a hollywood movie, only that the Puyango petrified forest is real. Getting there is not easy and you will need some good hiking shoes. I did this trip from Machala, which is much closer to Puyango than Quito. The journey is long but worth it because of the scenery of banana plantations, sugar cane, cattle pastures, and churches.
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    Be sure to visit the small building by the visitor center as it's a museum which has cool exhibits such as dinosaur fossil eggs. It's hard to imagine the area was covered by sea when the cost of Peru is now 31 miles away.

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