How to get to Tierra del Fuego

Discussion in 'Chile' started by wanderer, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    Is there anywhere on earth that has a cooler name than Tierra del Fuego? This collection of islands is much closer to Antarctica than the Equator. This Land of Fire crosses the Straits of Magellan. He traveled by ship on an ardous journey, but Tierra del Fuego is much more accessible these days. Flights are available from Buenos Aries and Santagio, and it is possible to drive, crossing through Punta Arenas, Chilie or Rio Gallego in Argentina. A ferry can cross the water and get you to the island.
  2. mitraveler

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    It takes a few hours to make the flight from Buenos Aires, and several flights are available. You can expect to find at least one a day to get you there.
  3. NapoleonBona

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    flying to Tierra del Fuego

    You can appreciably drive to Tierra del Fuego from Santiago, but if you had to choose a destination in Argentina to fly into, Tierra del Fuego would be it! The amount of travel time you will save by flying there, may be well worth the extra dollars you’ll spend getting there.
  4. JeroninomFG

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    driving to Tierra del Fuego from the States

    Has anyone driven form the US to Tierra del Fuego? Is it doable by car? If anyone has done it before did you find any problems with customs or any other restrictions at the borders.
    any input is appreciate it:)
  5. Axxo

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    US to Tierra del Fuego by car

    Im certain that it almost impossible to drive all the way from the US to Tierra del Fuego because roads in central/south america aren't always continuous. You can drive from the US border perfectly fine through Mexico and Costa Rica but as soon as you hit Panama and Colombia you will find problems. There is a jungle that separates the southern tip of the Panamanian isthmus from Northern Colombia and no road passes through.

    May be someone else can share more light?
  6. RaulGonzalez

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    driving to Tierra del Fuego

    driving all the way to Tierra del Fuego from the states? even if it was doable it would be a really arduous trip , though it wouldn't be a first time people have attempted these types of things.

    I remember seeing a programme on TV about four people who hichhiked from South America to the North Pole with only $100 in 100 days. They managed to do it and it made a great TV programme..Im wondering Axxo why you would want to do it?
  7. Axxo

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    driving through the Americas

    I wouldn't mind being on the telly actually...but the reason I ask is because I have always wondered about it, though after calculating the distance I would agree that it'd be pretty far to drive. Never mind how much I would spend in gas.
  8. LBJ44

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    driving in South America is no picnic

    are u sure u want to drive through Latin America? Border crossings in Central America are generally pretty straight forward but in South America they can be very trying because of a lot of corruption and extortion. Touts swarm you as you approach the border demanding to be your guide through the bureaucracy. Often the touts are in league with border officials to ensure that maximum bribes are paid.
  9. wanderer

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    Wow, I never even thought about that. Maybe a flight is the way to go!
  10. Xmas1920

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    hiking in Tierra del Fuego

    Some Canadian friends of mine who are very keen hikers, did hike in Tierra del Fuego in El Chalten and then spent some days in Ushuaia, absolutely loved it, and thought it was one of the best experiences in Argentina. I am myself planning a trip there late this year...and see what the fuss is about hiking at the end of the world;)

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