How to make your travel safe?

Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by ankitadas, Oct 21, 2010.

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    If you are planning for a trip abroad that could extend for more than a year then it becomes essential to purchase travel insurance before you leave for the destination. Insurance makes sure that everything will be good in the end. Backpacker insurance offers you several kind of insurance policies that covers your all travel expenses. There are several different plan are available according to the requirement of the client like business plan or personal plan.
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    I've never thought about travel insurance....but it seems like a really smart choice, especially if you're spending a lot time away from home. I didn't know there was special coverage for backpaking. Makes sense since there is plenty of things that could happen.
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    read the small print

    I personally think travel insurance and other insurances can be scams in the sense that when it's time for insurers to compensate people they can sometimes come up with with excuses for not paying up! Point in you remember the recent volcanic ash over Europe? well, thousands of travellers who were affected by the volcanic ash were left out of pocket by their travel insurances because their travel insurances didn't cover for this.
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    Good point! Insurance companies do hire professionals to figure out how not to pay people. Be sure to read the fine print before you sign up.
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    make your travel safe

    the best way to make your travel safe is by planning in advance. for instance, if you're traveling somewhere hot you want to make sure you properly hydrate. Drinking water can help prevent leg cramps after sitting still in transit, and fresh water's a refresher all around.
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    How to make your travel safe? use common sense or don't travel at all!

    i dont see how travel insurance will make your travel safe if you plane crashes, get captured by pirates, or your cruise ship catches insurance companies and their travel insurances are nothing more than an may get compensation but it wont really save your life abroad even if you have it..why? as it turns not all travel insurances are made equal but do travelers know this?
  7. wanderer

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    Good point. This is kind of cynical, but it might leave some money to your family if something really horrible happens.

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