how to rent a Korean internet phone

Discussion in 'South Korea' started by pelotaMadera, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. pelotaMadera

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    I can't see that anyone has posted about this subject so I thought to chime in about how easy it is to rent a phone in Korea:

    1. Reserve a phone before traveling to South Korea (take with you the email reservation confirmation).
    2. Once you land at airport, head to the phone rentals counters and present your email reservation confirmation along with your credit card and passport
    3. Choose a data plan (16MB data per day ) is enough
    4. Return the internet phone and pay the bill. Simple;)
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    This is true...renting an internet phone in South Korea is easy and cheap too. I paid about about $2 a day (~1500 South Korean Won) for the 16MB data per day data plan. I really suggest getting an internet phone, not only for making calls back home but also to use it as your guide book, or for communicating with your friends if you get lost.
  3. terance

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    renting a phone in South Korea

    There are many phone rental shops at Incheon Internationl Airport so be sure to arrive there. As far as reserving, there is really no need. Internet phones can be rented on the spot and no reservation is needed. While the process is very easy, be aware that you will be asked for a deposit, which is usually about $800 (~800,000 won)
  4. wantJok

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    Yes, the rental cost is cheap (1,500krw + 6000krw) for data per day but like the last poster said they do take a deposit like most hotels do. However, make sure you you remind the telephone rental people not to actually take the deposit out of your credit card (they're supposed to use your credit card deposit as a guarantee but not take any money out).
  5. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    telephone deposit money

    Did they actually bill you?....Good you pointed that out wantJok because they aren't supposed to bill people. If they do, your deposit money (US dollars) will be converted to the Korean local currency, which means you will lose out money when it gets converted back to US dollars again.


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