How to Safely Book Vacation Rental through Facebook and Craigslist

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    Here's some tips on How to Safely Book a Vacation Rental through Facebook and Craigslist.

    1. Many cities require owners to have a vacation rental license on all listing sites. Ensure that the owner’s listing has this license number. You can google this number and may come across the owner's own website or Facebook page. This number is also listed on the big listing sites. Find this number and do a google search.

    2. Ask for a link to where the owner advertises their property and see if the names match

    3. Ask for their phone number and speak to the person on the phone and ask them about the property. You can compare their description with on-line photos.

    4. Ask for the LinkedIn link. It’s hard to fake 100 business contacts.

    5. For Facebook scams do not respond to anyone that has PM’d you without posting anything on the group.

    6. Do not pay via wire transfer

    7. Go to a Tax Assessor’s website and type the last name. You will see the name match the property address. Not all names match as people hold title in different ways (ie trust, use of maiden name, or nick name). However, if you are making a payment via check, in most cases your check should be mailed to the address on this tax website.

    8. Scammers do not go through the trouble of getting their own website or FB page for their vacation rentals. If you see that a vacation rental has a website, FB page, and phone number chances are that you’re working with the owner.

    9. Contact the admin if you suspect a scammer has messaged you. Admin can also help you with validating an owner and block the scammer.

    Any combination of a few of the above items should help you validate the owner.
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    Great info Michael I'll share!

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