How To Save Money in Punta Cana

Discussion in 'Punta Cana' started by venuspol, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. venuspol

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    I wanted to share with you people some tips on how to save money in Punta Cana:

    1) Don't use a hotel taxi. Best you walk off the hotel resort you're staying at rather than have the concierge call your taxi because it'll cost you nearly triple a normal fare.

    2) Visit Punta Cana during the low season, which is from March to November, to benefit from cheap room rates.

    3) Always bargain. Bartering is a way life down there so you can always negotiate with street vendors and taxi drivers.
  2. DaneDegale

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    the off season is good but the biggest saving is booking your hotel in punta cana as a package. you can save more money by combining your hotel reservation with your flight. When you have a tour package, it’s easier to offer you more discounts.
  3. Voulong-Tran

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    Punta Cana phone scam

    all those are good tips. what i would advice too is make sure to bring an activated international calling card with you if you plan to make phone calls back home. don't use hotels phones...I was charged $300 for 3 phone calls of less than 15 minutes each I made there. I only realized this when I go back home and saw the bill;(
  4. NapoleonBona

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    Agreed! Traveling during the peak season isn't the best way to save money. Go to Punta Cana between June and August as it's the cheapest time. Also, stay at an all-inclusive resort. I think staying at an all inclusive is the best way to save money overall. I know it sucks to be cooked up inside a resort but most all-inclusives in Punta Cana include fun activities, water sports and tours.

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