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  1. Destinee Hobbs

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    Hi everyone. An interesting question came to mind and I wanted to know how you manage to travel across the globe or at least places around the world?

    I've recently been obsessed with reading travel blogs and I've made some lifestyle changes that have sparked my interest with travel. I never had the time to delegate work and I was so used to doing stuff on my own - especially at work. But since business has grown, I needed to either get extra pair of hands or automate most things.
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    Hi Destinee,

    It sounds like you need to hire someone to do repetitive tasks, automate what you can and then travel. Traveling affordably requires time as in research. If money's no object then you can save time.
    Just some really general thoughts but it may help.

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  3. Destinee Hobbs

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    Yes, definitely.

    I initially opted to hire a VA who works across the globe (freelancer) rather than someone in-house since I could save a lot more without having to compromise operations and deadlines but sadly that didn't work out to well.

    I shifted to hiring a local VA instead plus a quality management system was put in place as we're in the manufacturing business so it helps us monitor what's going on instead of me being all over the place. I also had to make changes when it comes to overworking, which is doing me a lot of good so far.

    Hopefully, I'd be able to take some time of even just for a couple of weeks to see Asia. I'm planning to visit India again but I'll probably be exploring more of Southeast Asia this time around. I love good food and I've heard tons of "delicious" things about southeastern countries. Lol
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    My advice for new travelers it travel with a group. To add to what D360 has said, good research is important. If you book a package, you can let the professional do the work for you. A good group tour takes care of the details like where to stay, where to eat, and where to go. The packages often can include tickets, hotels, and meals all for the same price. It seems really smart to me to visit with a group tour if you're going to a new country. There are a lot of companies out there that lead tours. Some are good, some are bad. You can read the reviews to see what people are saying. You'd be surprised at the deals you can get with a group tour. Just like at the warehouse store, buying in bulk can save money! The companies can pass those savings on to the tourists.
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    There are people who have traveled around the world with so little money. The places you can cut don on costs are daily commutes in the places, food, and stay. The flight charges can't be cut down or you have to choose road transport for travelling neighbouring countries

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