Hunting in Maine

Discussion in 'Maine' started by richlanxsabelle, Dec 17, 2006.

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    With more than 10 million acres of private land open to access by hunters, as well as vast public lands, Maine is unmatched for wild lands and habitat. The pursuit of large whitetail deer is unmatched. Maine's hunters bag three times as many bucks weighing more than 200 pounds than al the other New England states combined.
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    Yes I agree that Maine has vast open wildlife lands for hunting bears, deers and moose. Actually the last time when our family was there in Maine, my son wanted to go for hunting. When I was planning over it, I found that hunting was offered as packages in some of the local hotels and we booked a service and enjoyed the adventurous hunting experience with a guide accompanying us. However, we were there during the last week of August, which was a season for bears. I can never forget such an experience.

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