Huntsville International Airport most expensive

Discussion in 'Flights' started by juriPO, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. juriPO

    juriPO New Member

    I read yesterday on the Miami Herald that Huntsville International Airport is America's most expensive airport. Did anyone know that? I certainly didn't. I would've thought New York or Vegas would be the most expensive airports. I wonder what makes an airport expensive?
  2. Mrs.nobody

    Mrs.nobody New Member

    I am not surprised Huntsville airport would be more expensive than Vegas, DC or another major airport in the USA. The reason is simple. Huntsville airport isn't as traveled as the other major airports, which means more expensive flights.

    Now, what's interesting is how they've come to the conclusion that Huntsville airport is the most expensive airport in America is a good one.
  3. NapoleonBona

    NapoleonBona New Member

    It's not surprising but there are many more airports in the US that are not served by many airlines where locals pay very high prices to fly.By the way, Fayetteville is another very expensive airport..a round trip tickets cost $530 on average.

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