Hurricane Jova

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by krainey, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Hurricane Jova has strengthened to a Category 3 storm as of Monday, and it's possible that Jova could reach Category 4 on Tuesday before it makes landfall. The hurricane is heading toward the Barra de Navidad, which is south of Puerto Vallarta, and almost all the guests have been evacuated from the area's hotels. The Mexican government has declared a hurricane warning for a 100-mile stretch of the Gulf Coast between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanilla.

    For more information about the storm or its path, check out the website for the National Hurricane Center.
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    Hurricane Jova CAT3

    Hurricane Jova really threatens to thrash the west coast of Mexico, but I am hopeful that Jova's strength will diminish before it hits the Manzanillo area. Otherwise, a direct hit will be devastating to the locals in recovery and their tourist industry. I wish safety to all the people in Manzanillo and the surrounding area.
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    Hurricane Jova made landfall early this morning as a Category 2 hurricane—still serious, but hopefully not as bad as a Category 4 or 3 could have been. There has been a lot of flooding and the power was knocked out along the coast; one man was injured when he fell while trying to repair his roof, and two people were killed in when a mudslide swept away their house in Chihuatlan. Jova weakened as it moved inland, and it was downgraded to a tropical storm by late Wednesday morning. It's still bringing heavy rain to the area and a lot of residents in Manzanillo were evacuated, but we wish everyone there the best & hope that the damage will not be too significant.
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    Hurricane Jova made landfall

    Thank god the hurricane jova lowered to a category 2 because it would've been much worse...the northernmost point on Mexico's coast in places like Cihuatlan got it the worse, and it was so bad that the Red Cross office had to be evacuated. Also, apparently Mexico's navy evacuated nearly 3,000 people in flood-prone areas hit by Jova, and set up kitchens at shelters to feed evacuees.
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    Jova delays Pan Am gmes preparations

    guess what people after all this talk that the hurricane wouldn't affect the Pan Am games's looking like it is. there is a big soggy mess left behind with flooded pitches and athletes village. Im hoping that the dreary weather won't spoiled the opening ceremonies, which are meant to be really good this time around!

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