Hurricane Sandy hits the islands

Discussion in 'Caribbean Islands' started by I-C-U, Nov 2, 2012.

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    there's not much about it on the news but Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean nations of Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica before the states. It looks like Dominican Republic got off lucky, which is strange since it's neighbors with Haiti, who got the brunt of a natural disaster once again.

    Despite all of this chaos, this hurricane's devastation is mostly economic and not human, though people have died of course. Hope those worst affected in the states and the Caribbean recover soon.
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    I've only seen a snippet in the new about the impact on the Caribbean countries prior to landfall in the US. I remember the report about Haiti was pretty bad and Cuba had power outages. The latest from the Doctors Without Borders notes Haiti currently has over 400 patients due to cholera. Hopefully, they'll get these folks up and about soon and there is no more increase in patients.
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    traveling to the Caribbean after hurricane

    I wasn't aware that Sandy also hit the Caribbean or that it hit the islands before it made landfall on the east coast. I would say that the television coverage here in the UK was almost nonexistent considering Sandy hit the Caribbean more than 10 days ago (i believe). is traveling to Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the other islands not possible? anyone knows?
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    most of these places are still cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy, especially Haiti and the Bahamas who were worst hit. Hurricane Sandy hit Jamaica as a category 1 storm while in Haiti it was a category 3-4. You can travel to most places in Cuba..since Sandy only hit the Cuban provinces of Santiago and Guantanamo.

    I am hearing also that some U.S. airlines have reduced travel service to the Caribbean just from the eastern shore, which will make it difficult for people with family in the caribbean to to fly there.

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