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Discussion in 'Nevada' started by richlanxsabelle, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. richlanxsabelle

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    It's funy how things change. The state that was once a divorce mecca is now known for its weddings. And why shouldn't it? Nevada is as matrimony-friendly as they come - there's no blood test, no waiting period, no medical checks. A quick trip to the courthouse for a marriage license, and down the aisle you go.

    When it comes to the actual ceremony, you can have a wedding that's as distinct as you are, from traditional and timeles, to the downright bizzare. Whether you're looking for a classic church wedding or a simple less formal wedding chapel affair, it's all in Nevada. There's also a plethora of places to host a reception, and when it comes to the honeymoon, well, let me say you're covered there, too.
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    I think a destination wedding sounds like a fun idea. There are so many great places out there, and plus you don't have to plan too far ahead to get married in Nevada. And with all the Las Vegas wedding packages out there, it would be easy to have a wedding like none of your friends...all your own!

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