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Discussion in 'Panama' started by pageant, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I suggest when visiting Panama to enjoy as many activities as you can. I'd suggest doing a few coffee tours (cost around $20 per tour), a tank dive (cost around $50) and a few day hikes with a local guide (cost around $50)...oh dont forget a visit to the Panama Canal and taking a cruise of the San Blas island if you have time to spare.
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    I suggest scuba diving and snorkeling in Bocas del Toro Islands and booking an organized adventure tour of the Chiriqui Province. If you go to the city of Boquete you will be able to book a tour and hire local guides to take you out horseback riding, ATV exploring, white water rafting and volcano hiking.
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    the cholocate tour in bocas town was really memorable for me and my friends..eating chocolate how it was eating back then was quite something. I too enjoyed ziplining in boquete and visiting the botanical gardens in finca los monos.
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    things to do in Panama

    The best thing to do when in Panama is to book as many tours as possible. That's the best way to enjoy yourself down there. I remember doing rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, biking and hiking in Chagres National Park and the Chiriqui Highlands. Take also a tour of the Bayano Cave, do fishing in Gatun Lake, boat trip along Panama Canal and a visit to Monkey Island too are a must.

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