Ibiza's club experience

Discussion in 'Spain' started by mormecjK, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. mormecjK

    mormecjK New Member

    hey guys, Ibiza seems like a nice idyllic location and I hear the club experience is second to none..anyone been there before? what are the top clubs in Ibiza?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Ibiza is known fir its hedonistic parties and idyllic club experience so if you're a bit of a party animal, you will love Ibiza party scene.

    There are seven major nightclubs on the island, though the smaller clubs and music bars like Bora Bora Beach Bar are really cool places to hang out too.

    Also, the majority of the beach bars have no entry fee, and drinks are cheaper than you will find in large clubs such as Eden, Space and Privilege.
  3. julietita

    julietita New Member

    I was told that Ibiza... is waaay to expensive, talking about Clubbing... :S so for me that's out of the question... I'm a budget traveller...

    If you can go, party hard!!! Enjoy it!!!!

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