Ice Music Festival - Geilo

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    From January 24 thru January 27, it's all about the ice and the full moon in Norway. The annual festival takes place with the new year's first full moon and features not only fantastic snow and ice sculptures but also music from instruments made entirely from ice. The Norwegian festival is a tribute to nature and its impact on art so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

    For folks traveling to China, Japan, or London, each location has ice festivals going on. The Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan takes place February 5 thru February 11, the Harbin Ice Festival in China has its opening ceremony on January 5, and in London, the Ice Sculpting Festival runs January 11 thru January 13. On the North American side, Canada's international ice carving competition - Ice on Whyte - runs January 25 to January 27.
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    getting to the Ice Music Festival

    Gotta love this festival..its' absolutely awesome! Anyone wondering how to get there it's basically very easy to get to the town of Geilo (it's about halfway between Oslo and Bergen) by car, train and bus. I suggest train for convenience (wont need to look for parking), though the bus cheapest way to get there. Oh, by the way, there will also be free transport between Geilo Railway Station and the festival venue during the festival.
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    Getting around town can be an issue wherever we travel, that's for sure. I'm a train person, so that would be my first choice so I could enjoy the scenery and a cool ride. Norway offers numerous options of transportation including trains, rental cars, ferries, bus, and in warmer weather, bicycling.

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