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Discussion in 'Iceland' started by Cooolio, Aug 30, 2013.

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    I know most people prefer to visit Iceland during the summer, but one good reason to go there in the winter is the ice caves that form in Svinafellsjokull glacier at Skaftafell. You can only access the ice caves when the glacial lagoons are frozen, which happens normally in midwinter. There are plenty of tour operators in Reykjavik offering ice cave day-tours and multi-day tours from about late June to late August.
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    Also, you won't be able to explore any of these caves unguided, though it beggars belief who would explore a cave without a local guide. It's cool to see these caves when the freeze up but even in the summer taking a tour of lava tubes is cool. Visit Dollan Lava Tube (near the Blue Lagoon) or Leiðarendi Cave in the Blue Mountains Area, or the big ones like Surtshellir and Stefánshellir.
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    I've been to Iceland twice already and have done all the usual sightseeing. I second what the last poster said...don't ever try to explore ice caves by yourself other than with a local guide who really knows the area and the nature of ice caves. Like the previous poster said, summer is not the time to explore ice caves for obvious reasons (ice melts in the summer).

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