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  1. itlokgreat

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    hey guys,

    does anyone know when the low season in Iceland is, and whether there is a dry or rainy season there? also, what is the main airport in Iceland and can i take a connecting flight to Amsterdam from there?

  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The low season runs between September and May, except for the Christmas period, when hotel accommodation is more expensive The main airport in Iceland is located outside the capital city of Reykjavik, called Keflavik Airport.

    Airliners that fly to Keflavik Airport and connect to other European cities such as Amsterdam include British Airways, Icelandair, and SAS.

    The driest months in Iceland are May through July, while the high season in Iceland lasts from mid-June through August.
  3. wendie67

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    best time to visit Iceland

    To be honest low and high seasons in Iceland are pointless at the moment as Iceland isn't as expensive to fly to anymore because of their economic crisis and volcano situation.

    You can fly cheaply all year round now, though the best time to visit Iceland comes down to what you want to do. Winter is the time for snow activities and for viewing the beautiful Northern Lights, but be prepared for really arctic-like weather.

    If you want to go touring and walk about Iceland then come during the summer months., though be aware that the North is drier than the South.
  4. winterbreak

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    it rains throughout the year in Iceland

    The weather in Iceland is cool in summer and reassuringly mild in winter, though the truth is that Iceland weather is so unpredictable you could well encounter four seasons in one day.

    As far as rain, it rains throughout the year in Iceland but the peak rainy months are October and February, particularly in the Southern and western parts of Iceland where it rains a lot.

    The off season in Iceland is in early September, but don't assume you won't see large crowds because you will. I find that more tourists are coming to Iceland in the off season than ever before.
  5. joancantona

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    Iceland is cheap to visit now

    Iceland is no longer as expensive as it once was 5 years ago. In fact, I just had a look at flights and I can see flights+hotel offered by Icelandair and Iceland Express for around $200 for three nights at a three-star hotel in Reykjavik.

    Summer is my favorite time to go to Iceland any way as during June, July and August it’s most warm and the weather is mild and comfortable.
  6. 6jpo

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    went to Iceland in early Feb

    I went over to Iceland with my wife in early Feb of this year on an IcelandAir Special, but if you want to see the Northern Lights during this time, you may be disappointing as we had no success. It seems weather isn't the best this time of year.

    We did the Golden Circle tour with a company called Iceland Horizon which has lots of good reviews, but they only run the trips if weather is good so this is something to think about.

    If your main reason for going to Iceland is to see the Northern Lights be sure you go the right month which I believe is November...btw, even though we didn't see them, we had a great time as Iceland is just such a lovely country!
  7. FAQIceland

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    The summer is the best time to visit Iceland and has become more affordable. Visiting Iceland during the summer is also better than wintertime, due to the fact you have better possibilite of traveling on your own rather then in groups. Winter travels are more risky in concerns with weathers.
  8. breakonsun

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    Iceland is good all year

    Dont worry too much about low season in Iceland buddy! It's real cheap to travel there nowadays, though if you really must know about Iceland's low season they are the shoulder months of September, January and February.

    Btw, the Golden Circle is a must do. All three major stops, especially the Geothermal area and Gulfoss are wonderful. The Kerio Crater is also worth seeing and is in the general area. Dont miss either the Southern Route to see the waterfalls there.

  9. diegoo

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    Iceland is still expensive

    Iceland's high season runs between May through September, so if you want to avoid the large crowds I'd recommend visiting in winter when hotels and cars cost half as much in the off-season, and even then it's still expensive.

    Someone on the thread mentioned that Iceland is cheap now because of the economic situation but that's simply not true..Iceland is still a fairly expensive country when compared to other European countries.
  10. guztavoz

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    when you come to Iceland...

    No matter when you go, you may want to base in Reykjavík as the capital boasts lots of hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc, though be prepared to pay higher prices than anywhere else in Iceland. Also, don't forget to check out the Blue Lagoon, which is a cool geothermal pool where you can experience some of the best spa treatments.

    If you want to see the northern lights, then come to Iceland between September and April, as you will have a better chance to see the elusive northern lights.
  11. miss 70s

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    Iceland off season

    Iceland may not be as expensive as it once used to be, but there is still a cheaper season to travel, and it isn't summer! ...If you're planning a trip to Iceland and are thinking to do it later this year, I'd suggest going during the winter, which is off season. Trust me, prices will be much cheaper than during the summer or fall when hotel accommodations are so expensive that they will take up a large chunk of your travel budget.

    Good luck!


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