Iguazu Falls Devil's Throat Floods

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by haydays, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Anyone planning to visit Iguazu Falls should know that access to Devil's Throat will continue closed for at least a month because of flooding, though the other areas of the Falls are open. The official Iguazu Falls website says that both lower and upper Iguazu circuits are enabled for public access, as well as the Green trail and the Macuco trail, the boat ride "Great Adventure" and the Jungle Train.
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    Devil's Throat catwalk repair

    A friend of mine came back from Iguazú last week and he tells me that all circuits are enabled for public access except for Devil's Throat's catwalk which is being currently repaired and won't be ready until August of therebouts.
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    Iguazzu Falls is amazing but it is not cheap or easy to visit because the Falls are out of the way so likely you’re detouring to make a special trip here. I spent about 1,000 bucks for a 4-day trip traveling by buses and staying in the cheapest hostel we could find available. On the Brazil side, Sao Paulo is the closest city to the falls (about 16 hours away by bus), while in Argentina Buenos Aires is a full 24-hour bus ride. You can always arrange a tour of Iguazu Falls from Argentina.

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