Iguazu Falls in 1 day doable?

Discussion in 'Paraguay' started by Nowayin, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Nowayin

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    if you haven't got the luxury and the money to visit Iguazu Falls over 2-3 days, it's possible to do the trip/visit in 1 day. For it to work out you will need to base in Asuncion, which is about 6 hrs from Iguazu Falls. To get there, I would suggest taking a RYSA Rapido Yguazu bus from Asuncion to Ciudad del Este and then catch a taxi over to the Falls.
  2. VacationBuddy

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    flying from Asuncion to Ciudad del Este

    I'd say that if you can afford flying it's best you do to save time. Busing it both ways will eat at least hald day of your time. If you catch a flight on TAM from Asuncion to Ciudad del Este it will only take you about 3 hrs. Flights will cost around $100 each way.

  3. Divaa

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    To be honest, 1 day for Iguazzu Falls isn't worth your while. I spent about 1000 bucks for a 4 day trip and that was traveling by buses and staying in the cheapest hostel I could find available. It sounds like a lot of money but after all, it is one of the world’s major natural wonders.

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