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Discussion in 'India' started by holdauo, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. holdauo

    holdauo New Member

    hi guys,

    Im weighing my options and Im not sure whether the India rail pass works out okay? can someone tell me more about India rail pass and whether it's worth it?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi there,

    If you’re planning on covering a lot of ground during your vacation, an India rail pass is always a good option.
    These passes may not always save you a lot of money, but they will make planning an itinerary easy.

    An IndRail pass can be purchased for half a day, one day, and longer. There are offices for IndRail purchases in many foreign countries, including the UK, Germany, Australia, and South Africa except for America.

    You can book your rail pass in any of the variety of accommodation options. As it is the third biggest railway network in the world, after Russia and China, there are endless options for enjoying India train travel, no matter which attractions and destinations you plan to see.
  3. travellingslacker

    travellingslacker New Member

    If you are planning to cover the entire area on rail you should plan carefully...
    Most trains are limited in speed an dtime ocnsuming so it makes sense to mix it up with a few flights in between...
  4. stuart

    stuart New Member

    It is a good option to have and Indian rail pass if you want to travel maximum in railway during your India tour. This passes are available easily at any railway stations in India. You have to take different passes for local trains e.g Mumbai locals and express trains.
  5. cristinaposa

    cristinaposa New Member

    Rail pass is great option to travel in India, specially when you are in Mumbai and like to travel in locals. You can get pass from any railway station by providng ID proof.
  6. ukinsurance

    ukinsurance New Member

    But what are the costs of these rail passes, do these make railway travel inexpensive?

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