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    India is one of the most exciting adventures in a traveler's diary, and one of the best ways to see the many attractions that this beautiful country has to offer is most definitely on the Indian trains. The bustling railway stations themselves are an experience all alone, and travelers can make a journey in relative comfort, as opposed to jouncing around in a car, which give 'road trip' a whole new meaning. The Indian railway system is centrally operated by a designated branch of the government. Reservations and more information can be found on the Indian Railway website.
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    i got good information from you.
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    It is comfortable only for long distance traveling but for small distances I prefer buses and cars as the trains are full of filthy smell and dirt.
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    you have to visit IRCTC (dot) co (dot) in for direct reservation and payments of tickets...
    for most long distance travels in major routes it is aadvisable to purchase tickets in advnace (preferably a month)...

    you can simply book online and have a printout but u'll need to produce a valid identity proof while boarding the train...
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    Yaa, its actual facts about Indian Railway, we can also find about booking of tickets and running status of trains on Indian Railway website
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    Indian Rail travel

    the good thing about train travel in India is that is food is always provided but don't expect gourmet type food to be served by Indian Railways. Make sure you carry lots of small change if you plan to buy food and drinks as they won't take big notes. Btw, never accept tickets from touts claiming they will find you a confirmed seat. Indian railways has one central computerised system and it's safest to do all bookings at a station counter.
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    book train tickets in advance

    everyone including locals use trains in India for getting around which means trains can be quite full. I'd definitely book in advance if you already have an itinerary planned out. You can book 90 days ahead and from experience it is essential to book 2/3 AC tickets ahead of time. Even doing so, several times I've had to wait for conformation of the tickets until the last minute. If you are planning on traveling in October during the upcoming Dussehra holidays you should definitely book these now. Trains will be packed starting late September into November.
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    Indian trains are best

    No doubt that India's best form of transport is the train. In fact, a visit to India is never complete without experiencing the bustle of an Indian railway station. Also, forget media images of overcrowded Indian trains with people sitting on the roof, because that's not the norm for all Indian trains. For instance, the long distance express trains have a/c and reserved seats so no chance of overcrowding.
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    man we cannot imagine India With out train ...train is the only means of transport which connect to all over the country. and its comfortable also
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    Indian Rail is the one of the best quality of india, it provides many types of services for Traveler.
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    Indian trains are very slow, Average speed of a superfast train 60-65kms/hour, for express train it is 40-45 kms/hour. Even ultra fast Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains don't have average speed of 100kms/hour. I don't like their food as well.

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