Indiana civil war reenactments

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    if you are traveling this coming fall to Indiana and want to see a civil war reenactment you will glad to know that there are many civil war reenactment type events taking place all over the state. A couple worth mentioning are the Feast of the Hunter's Moon near Lafayette, Connor Prairie and Friendship, Indiana. By the way, Blackford County Civil War Days is the largest civil war reenactment in Indiana.
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    There will be civil war events in June at Tunnel Mill Charleston (June 7 - 8), Return of Martin County Guards in Loogootee (June 21), and Hesston Steam Museum (June 20, 21, 22)
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    LaGrange County Courthouse annually hosts a civil war event, which includes an encampment by the 44th Indiana Historical Organization of reenactors who volunteer their time to bring history to life. They also work to bring the civilian side of the Civil War to life with displays and information on the families of the soldiers and how they lived and coped with the war.

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