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Discussion in 'Indonesia' started by Jenna, May 10, 2013.

  1. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Having been to Indonesia on both vacation and honeymoon, i wanted to share a suggestion/ recommendation for anyone planning to go there besides Bali. My top recommendation is a little place called Amed. This place is great for a honeymoon because it's very romantic because of the sunrise and sunsets, which are stunning. The snorkeling and swimming is also great and the sand is beautifully black. this place is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy!
  2. walkmanX

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    I love Indonesia to bits...if we like hiking, wildlife, relaxing, surfing, snorkelling/diving, etc, you will love it there. In my opinion, Sulawesi is best for snorkeling, while Tugu Lombok is easily one of the best beach destinations in Indonesia.
  3. adventGerm

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    Be wary if are traveling to Indonesia in late August that Ramadan takes place in the Muslim areas like Java and Lombok. Some restaurants will be closed during the day but it's worth being there during Ramadan because of the cultural performances.

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