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    In Western Austria, Innsbruck looks just as you would expect for a beautiful city nestled in the Alps. In the wintertime, Innsbruck is a hotbed (pun intended) of skiing. All throughout the year, visitors enjoy the wonderful world of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds attraction and the Tiroler Volkskunst art museum.
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    Austria Alpine romantic scenery

    I fell in love with Austria's stunning Alpine scenery when I first when there for a honeymoon with my lovey-tubby. We never went to Innsbruck, but we visited the Lake District area of Austria, and the Salzkammergut region to see the cathedral we Maria got married in the movie "Sound of Music".
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    going to Innsbruck in winter

    Innsbruck is beautifully transformed during the winter and it's the best time I suggest exploring the region for the scenery. Innsbruck serves as an ideal place for skiing and the ski resort of Innbruck offers a direct connection from the city centre to the top of the mountain (Nordkette). The Patscherkofel mountain where the Winter Olympics were hosted two times, is a wonderful ski paradise for snow sport lovers in winter time.
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    Austria sounds like a lovely place for a honeymoon. It makes perfect sense, too, that Innsbruck is a winter destination.

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